Origin: Philadelphia

Genre: Soul

Years Active: 2013 - Present

Official Websites: fawziyyaheart.com



    Fawziyya was born and raised in the heart of Philadelphia. She has been heavily influenced by the Philly music scene that has been changing more and more over the years. Building long lasting musical relationships on the scene and a pure love of music is what keeps her going everyday. Her deepest inspirations are Nina Simone and Erykah Badu, and this is reflected in her music: a funk-infused blend of jazz, blues, and soul with anthemic lyrics calling for social change and self-transformation. 

    Fawziyya started off on the Philadelphia music scene in 2012 by performing with various bands and dipping her feet in the music. She performed, recorded, and wrote several songs with global house music collective World Town Sound System alongside Grammy award winning percussionist Pablo Batista (Alicia Keys/Grover Washington Jr). 

     For the last year Fawziyya has been hard at work readying her new EP, featuring her own original songs and an array of Philly talent. The new songs are produced by Philadelphia’s legendary Chuck Treece, who remixed songs for Amy Grant and Sting, and played bass on "The River of Dreams" by Billy Joel. Trap Rabbit's Logan Roth has co-arranged the songs and added his distinct sound to the tracks. Come along on this journey; explore this Philly songstress's  mind through song and sound.

"Soul is where the heart is. I produce music from the heart to connect the souls of the universe. One song at a time, I will change." - Fawziyya Heart


Upcoming Shows:

August 24 / Austin Dam Show, Austin, PA - Sly and the Family Stone Tribute
August 31 / Royal Gardens Salsa Day, Philadelphia, PA
October 11 / The Ardmore Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA - Sly and the Family Stone Tribute