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Welcome to the world of Fawziyya Heart, a soulful songstress born and raised in the heart of Philadelphia. With deep roots in the vibrant Philly music scene, Fawziyya draws inspiration from its ever-evolving landscape. Her musical journey has been fueled by building enduring relationships within the industry and an unwavering love for music.

Nina Simone and Erykah Badu stand as pillars of influence in Fawziyya's life, their profound impact resonating in her music. Combining elements of funk, jazz, blues, and soul, Fawziyya's sound becomes a tapestry of anthemic lyrics, urging for social change and personal transformation.

"I create music for working artists to feel supported and inspired when envisioning their creation. "

-Fawziyya Heart

Her foray into the Philadelphia music scene began by collaborating with various bands, immersing herself in the rich tapestry of musical talent. Alongside Grammy award-winning percussionist Pablo Batista (known for his work with Alicia Keys and Grover Washington Jr.), Fawziyya performs, records, and writes songs as part of the global house music collective, WorldTown Sound System.

In 2019, Fawziyya released an EP showcasing her original compositions, featuring a diverse array of Philly talent. The production prowess of Chuck Treece, a legendary figure in Philadelphia music who has worked with the likes of Amy Grant and Sting, adds a distinct flavor to her songs. Collaborating with Trap Rabbit's Logan Roth, the tracks are further elevated, reflecting Fawziyya's unique artistic vision.

“You can't help it. An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times.”

                                            -Nina Simone

Embark on a captivating journey as you delve into the depths of Fawziyya Heart's soul through her enchanting melodies and soul-stirring sound. Experience the essence of Philadelphia's music scene channeled through this remarkable songstress.

Join us on this musical odyssey and let Fawziyya Heart's captivating tunes guide your heart and mind.

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